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[Timelines is under active development, and will be updated as bugs are fixed]

Unity Timelines is a tool made for quickly and easily animating Unity variables. Built to be easier to use and more cleanly integrated into the Unity APIs than any existing solution, it is ideal for UI animations and and brief interactable animations, such as doors.

Timelines avoid much of the boilerplate required for similar actions in vanilla Unity and provide a simple means of processing the animated variables. By adding a public Timeline property to your monobehaviours, you can hand edit the curves right in the inspector. Playing timelines consists of simply calling the timeline's Play, Reverse, and Pause functions. Using their data consists of just retrieving its value property.

Timelines also come with an easy way of triggering script functions as the timeline progresses, allowing for more dynamic functionality.

Look for Timelines, coming soon to the Unity Asset Store

Published Oct 03, 2016
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tagsanimation, tool, Unity

Install instructions

Download and import the unitypackage file. Only Timeline.cs, Editor/TimelineEventPropertyDrawer.cs, and Editor/TimelinePropertyDrawer are needed for full functionality.


timeline.unitypackage 37 kB

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