A downloadable game for Windows

Willow is a prototype for a puzzle-platformer inspired by Celtic mythology, in which the player can change the seasons in localized areas in order to traverse the environment.

Willow began its life as a student project of some artist friends of mine, in which I lent a helping hand with most of the programming and some design work. What's uploaded here is the final submission for the student project.

We began work on a major refactor and more thorough art concepting to push for a full release, but had to cancel after several months. An extremely similar game came out, and we decided that continuing down this path would be a bad business decision. We have been exploring more ideas to expand on for future projects.

Install instructions

64 BIT WINDOWS ONLY: Unzip Willow.zip, and run the exe found at Willow>WindowsNoEditor>Azimuth_PreAlpha.exe. The game should start immediately.


Willow.zip 387 MB