A downloadable asset pack

This project is open source! See here: https://github.com/kmoverall/RealisticWater---Unity

Included are a script and shader to add an underwater coloration to your scene. It uses real physical data to generate the water's appearance. Just attach the script to your main camera, and you're good to go!

The appearance is fully customizable, and defaults to the appearance of pure water under ideal visibility. The rate at which each color channel fades, the density of the water and air fog, and the coloration of suspended particles can all be modified. Default values for different water conditions coming eventually!

For best results, turn off Unity's Fog, keep lighting simple, and do not decrease the red fade value.

Technical notes: This simulates purely the coloration that occurs when underwater, no surface effects are included. It accurately represents the way light of different wavelengths is lost while passing through water, making objects that are far away or deep underwater appear darker and bluer. Also included is a variation of a standard fog effect, though the fog's color varies accurately based on the depth of the water being viewed.

Install instructions

Simply download and import the package into your Unity project!


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