You're giving a huge presentation in front of the whole company, but you're running out of power(point slides)! Keep talking to keep the audience's attention, while slapping together new slides for as long as you can!

Press H on the title screen for instructions.


Oh no! it's the big meeting and you're running out of Powerpoint slides!

Make new slides while giving your talk, and try to keep the audience's interest as long as you can.


Press 1, 2, and 3 to switch views.
1: Presentation 
2: Slide editor
3: Audience


Click on a pic or text to start talking about it, then tap Spacebar repeatedly to talk. Continue tapping to talk in any view.


Drag and drop text and pics onto the next slide. click Next slide to show the slide you just made. Remember, you can keep talking while editing a slide!


The meters show the mood of the audience. When more people are bored than interested or confused, it's game over


Interesting: Showing new slides, having a variety of content on slides, talking about things on your slides

Confusing: Having a cluttered slide, having things partially visible on the slide, going to the next slide without talking about everything on the last slide. Confused people are more likely to become Bored.

Boring: Too long spent not talking, talking about the same thing too many times. Chances of boredom increase over time.

Keep your audience engaged for as long as possible, don't want to embarrass yourself in front of the CEO!

Made in under 48 Hours for Ludum Dare 39. Theme: Running out of Power